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This popular conference will again inspire and assist the marketing and communication industry with its 7th annual edition. The two day conference will be held in Cape Town and in Sandton and promises to inform and inspire both the professional marketer as well as those keen to get fresh ideas on marketing their products and services.

Delegates will get the opportunity to listen to more than 15 industry leaders and speakers covering an array of aspects of the marketing discipline. The conference also offers great networking opportunities for marketers.

The Durban leg is a one-day event only


Who should attend?

Marketing directors & managers
Advertising agencies
Brand managers, Marketing professionals
PR agencies, Sales people
Account executives
Communication directors
Media buyers & suppliers
Broadcasting & Telecommunications
Event & conference organisers
Retail merchandisers
Resellers and agencies
Field researchers, Education institutions
Government, IT Departments and managers
Production managers


Cape Town & Jo'burg
Durban (1 Day)
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for the 2 full days
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Agenda Outline and

Programme Items scheduled over the 2 days
(Repeat session of the May 2017 edition - Some new items may be included)
We reserve the right to make changes to the programme without prior notice. Registered delegates will receive final programme updates prior to the event.


Strategy: Brand differentiation delivered through hallmark experiences
Mathew Weiss - Managing Director: Brand Union Africa 

In this session we will discuss the advantages of building a compelling, differentiated brand through hallmark experiences. Mathew will explain the concept of experience priorities and outline the strategic pillars for brands to consider to drive greater financial returns. He will also share how these pillars relate to proof points and brand experience.

Mathew is a brand strategy and communications professional with broad experience working in Europe, America, Africa and Middle East. He is a strategist by training and has won DBA and APEX awards for marketing effectiveness. He can be described as commercial, strategic, and an operational leader, and is passionate about building agencies that are equally strong on strategy as they are on creativity. Mathew has held senior client relationships and led strategy projects across multiple categories, including his role as global agency lead on the SABMiller account. During his career he worked with clients such as Nike, Sony, Ford, Unilever, Samsung,  Argos, BAT, Pernod Ricard, Unilever amongst others.

His specialties include: Brand strategy and identity, Brand architecture, Communications, Design, Creative Development, Innovation, Strategy workshop facilitation, winning new business and building long-term client relationships. He has also served as a guest lecturer and advisory council member of Vega Branding school of brand leadership.


The Marketing Hack
Mike Saunders - CEO of DigitLab

Advertising killed the digital star. We have boxed it and made it conform to our environment. Its time we woke up and saw the potential in digital to redefine the future of our business. We need to get over our fears, build structures for success and proactively lead our businesses and brands to create the future. Digital is a key aspect to our ability to succeed and this presentation explores how we can revive the digital star and help it find its rightful place in marketing our business.

An expert in digital marketing, social media, digital customer experiences and helping business engage people in a digital world. Mike Saunders is the CEO of DigitLab, an international speaker, and has had the privilege of working with some of the worlds most prestigious organisations including Vodafone, IBM, Microsoft, KPMG, Norton Rose, Mr Price, Toyota and Exxaro. Along with his experience in business, Mike has also contributed to leadership programmes for Gordon’s Institute of Business (GIBS).


How to effectively integrate digital into your traditional marketing mix?
Noeleen Bruton – Director of Marketing: Tsogo Sun

Is your company ready for digital with regards to culture, resources, technology, etc. How does your brand CI stretch to incorporate digital? Where do I use digital vs traditional? How do I set objectives & create appropriate content for each platform?

Noeleen Bruton is the Director of Marketing for the Tsogo Sun Group and is responsible for all aspects of the marketing of the group’s  entertainment destinations, hotels, numerous restaurant brands and other businesses in the group. Noeleen has a passion for marketing and is an exceptionally engaging presenter. Noeleen is a regular contributor for Gaming for Africa magazine Her articles are also frequently published on BizCommunity and other marketing websites.

Her experience has given her tremendous insight into every aspect of integrated marketing. She has a B.Com Marketing from Unisa, a National Diploma in Marketing from Wits Technikon and a Digital Marketing Diploma from the University of Stellenbosch (Red and Yellow).


Earning Stakeholder Trust in an Era of Decline
Jordan Rittenberry – Managing Director, Edelman South Africa

Jordan will present the findings of Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer - the firm’s 17th annual trust and credibility survey. With trust declining in South Africa across government, media and business, the fear of corruption, immigration and the erosion of social values is having a significant impact on the way South Africans perceive the world around them. After uncovering the data, Jordan will address where opportunities exist to regain trust among sceptics, as well as how business is primed to lead in this new reality.

Jordan Rittenberry serves as the Managing Director of Edelman’s South African office. He has a wealth of experience working with emerging and blue chip brands that span both reputation and brand marketing. Based in Johannesburg, he has helped organizations enter markets throughout Africa, as well as establish and enhance their presence, while sustaining communications and supporting stakeholder relations.


Are You Projecting The Brand You Think You Are?
Simon Grainger - Founder: BrandBright Consultancy

Marketing is on almost every business agenda – it’s something you invest in, something you put into practice, and something you seek to measure each year-end, but have you ever stopped to consider whether your “marketing” effort is actually building the brand you want it to? In this session, Simon will share his thoughts on how to effectively build your brand. He will look at several practical steps to ensure that you’re on the right track!

Simon sees himself as a ‘brand nerd’. He consults, lectures, writes and gives regular industry talks on his favourite thing in the world, branding. Simon believes that in a rapidly changing and saturated marketplace, you need a well-researched and crafted brand strategy to help your brand shine brightly. He founded BrandBright Consultancy in 2011 with the purpose to do just that: advise businesses and individuals on how to build their greatest asset, their brand.


Generation C – the new force in culture and commerce
Werner Lindemann, Managing Director of Mediamark

Look out, Generation X, Y and Z – there's a new generation emerging: Generation C. Its members have one big thing in common: they're digital natives and exceptionally tech-savvy. But researchers are having trouble pinpointing the main characteristics of Generation C, and exactly who can be included in this category.

What does the C stand for? That would be connected. Members of this generation are connected to people and things in ways we never imagined in the past. Social media, gadgets, and wireless technology allow Generation C to share data on the fly. Sixty-five percent of Generation C are under 35 but they span the generations, empowered by technology to search out authentic content that they consume across all platforms and all screens, whenever and wherever they want.

Werner leads Mediamark, South Africa’s leading integrated, multichannel media sales house, as it continues its journey to create a converged sales capability that can help customers leverage mobile, video and content marketing, in combination with its exceptional traditional platforms.

He is highly experienced in selling industry solutions internationally. He has more 15 years’ experience in executive management and more than 8 years in strategy consulting in the entertainment and media industry (Kagiso Media, Datacentrix, IBM Sub-Saharan Africa)

He holds a Masters in Business Leadership (MBL) from the University of Pretoria, a Masters in Engineering (M.Eng) from the University of JHB (Cum Laude) and a Bachelors in Engineering (B.Eng) from the University of Pretoria.


Bootstrap Branding & Marketing: Punching above your weight
Sol Mukasa – Shift ONE Marketing Agency

The digital age constantly poses new challenges to businesses in South Africa and the world over. These challenges vary in complexity for both businesses owners and Marketing Managers. To compete as a business and build brand equity in the current digital climate means staying abreast of the ever changing best practices within this medium. With his background in brand building, Sol will speak broadly to both business owners and Marketing Managers about how to best leverage the digital tools available to build brand equity.

With a background in brand management and an MBA in Business Development & Consulting, Sol’s passion for all things brand related have no doubt contributed to the value he gives his clients as a CMO at Shift ONE. Sol’s insight and knowledge is what contributes to Shift ONE delivering a cohesive brand message and experience that is felt across all touch points for their clients. These include social media, email marketing, article and press releases, events and networking workshops, as well as website content. The team that Sol manages are digital magicians and wordsmiths who make this happen. Shift ONE, a dynamic creative agency in Cape Town.


The future is not where you think it will be
Ed Hatton – Owner & Founder: The Marketing Director

Business and marketing planners typically forecast future returns based on their assumptions of the business climate, economy and competition during the forecast period. With the pace of change accelerating and the increasing effects of unexpected events or ‘wildcards’, it is unlikely that the imagined future will become reality. This speech shows marketers how to plan and react in an uncertain world.

Ed is a mentor and coach who has advised SMEs and start-up business for more than 25 years, with an enviable success rate of survival and growth for his clients. He is also a columnist, author and writer. His column My Mentor (formerly The Start Up Coach) has been running in Entrepreneur Magazine for more than five years and he is a frequent contributor to other media. Ed is also a popular conference speaker, especially in his fields of expertise – strategy, marketing and sales.



Marketing to low income groups
Kabelo Ncholo, CEO / Founder: Yourself Management

There is a huge low income consumer base / market in South Africa that offers many opportunities for growth. In this session we will identify and focus on four key points that brands and organisations should consider when targeting low income groups. We will also show the importance of running a tailor-made communication strategy for this market that considers different cultures and languages.

Kabelo Ncholo, is the founder and CEO of Yourself Management, a through-the-line marketing agency specialising in the African market. His agency runs an average of 30 campaigns annually and prides itself on being the preferred supplier for some reputable blue chip companies such as Tiger Brands, Nestle, L'Oreal and Platco Digital (eTV) among others.

In 2016, he won a Black Business Quarterly (BBQ) Award in the Innovation Hub New and Innovative Business category. Kabelo is also regarded among 2016’s top 100 Young, Independent, Inspiring and Aspiring leaders taking the African continent forward by Independent Media. He is currently completing his MBA studies through Henley Business School.


Redefining ROI: How to Prove your Worth as a Marketer
Matthew Barclay - Area Director -

Mark Twain once said that most people use statistics the way a drunkard uses a lamp post, more for support than illumination.

As a marketing or communications professional, you need to be able to effectively measure the impact of your online campaigns, and then evidence (or illuminate) a strong return on investment for your work. This takes a keen understanding of exactly which metrics and KPIs most convincingly tell the story of your hard work.

With this in mind, Matthew uncovers how marketers can redefine the way they can measure and report their online return on investment, and in so doing, spotlight their own worth and justify their existence.
Matthew Barclay, Area Director of Africa at Meltwater, is a seasoned SAAS industry professional with expertise in establishing and scaling tech based enterprises across emerging markets. Barclay’s passion and experience in digital media and business development have seen him feature as a guest speaker at a variety of thought leadership and skills development events, including GrowthHub and Outside Insight. Working closely with Meltwater’s Silicon Valley operations, Barclay is well positioned to comment on trends in big data and media intelligence, with specific emphasis on how these will take shape across Africa in years to come.



Strategy: Digital Content Marketing
Jason Haddock –Chief Technical Officer: Sea Monster

Experiential content marketing through gamification. Pop-up ads. Autoplay videos. What do these have in common? Our target markets are becoming increasingly averse to this kind of marketing, to the point where these methods are more likely to alienate the audience than engage them. But why?

None of us like to be forced to do anything. By analysing the trends in the psychology of target markets we can begin to understand what drives them to engage with a brand. How valuable will it be to your clients to have consumers engage voluntarily?

How can marketers assist the consumer to choose to interact with a brand? In this talk, I will explain how proper use of gamification can engage consumers to the point where the development of brand loyalty becomes an organic process.

Jason has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, having worked across a number of industries, including financial services, retail, manufacturing, publishing, and petrochemicals. Jason has a master’s degree in innovation, is a TOGAF certified enterprise architect, and a certified SOA architect.


Adapt and Thrive
Femi Adebanji - Keynote Speaker

Change is an inevitability that will face or take place within any organization and in today’s rapidly “changing” world, those organizations that do not know how to successfully navigate the change experience will lag their competition and even worse still, may ultimately fail.

Knowing how to successfully manage the change process is a powerful key for unlocking innovation and creativity within any organization; and embedding a culture of innovation and creativity within a business is one of the factors that set a business apart from the competition. Furthermore, when organizations have the tools to embrace and adapt to change, this almost always results in new performance levels and consequently, business success.

In “Adapt and Thrive”, Femi shares practical insights that businesses can use, particularly during chaotic and disruptive times, to comprehend, adapt to and capitalise on change! He details how businesses can successfully leverage off the change experience to identify and capitalise on potential growth opportunities, well ahead of the competition.


Marketing in the Future
Verusha Maharaj who is heading up TCC in Africa as GM Africa

In today’s rapidly advancing technological age, it is getting harder to market your product or service to a very complex, tech-savvy, discerning audience. Marketers of the future are going to need to swiftly adapt not only the way they communicate to consumers, but their entire strategy if they are going to survive.

Verusha Maharaj joined The Creative Counsel eight years ago as a junior assistant has risen through the ranks to become GM for Africa. She was recently selected as one of  20 young people from Publicis Groupe’s network of agencies worldwide to assist map the future for the agency. The only representative from Africa, Verusha has been identified as one of the key talent in the group instrumental in the future growth of the business.


Content in a fragmented world
Crayg Hitzeroth – Managing  Director, Ad Dynamo

Content is key on social media but how does a brand break through the clutter. In a society that is constantly on the move and has a short attention span, innovative and valuable content stands out among the rest. In this session we cover which brands are creating great content and how it positively impacts their brand to have a good content strategy. With a variety of opportunities on Twitter, you will find out how to develop your content strategy on the platform in order to meet your business objectives. We will look at the "go to" products and tools to use and learn how to implement, measure and adapt.

Crayg is a digital native and he has worked in various digital roles in the past. Business strategy is his passion and he firmly believes that any brand can be innovative as long as there is a good mix of bravery and strategic planning involved. He heads up the content strategy division for Ad Dynamo's Twitter team.


Profit Driven Marketing on Social
Lisa Steingold, marketing manager, Popimedia

Social media is no longer a mere social networking tool – it’s a powerful business building platform. In this presentation, Lisa Steingold will prove the case for building businesses on social. Attendants will gain an understanding of the online consumer journey that results in offline spend. Steingold will also present on brand versus sales best practice, and why delivering a seamless story yields results.

Lisa Steingold is the EMEA marketing manager at Popimedia – Africa’s first ad-tech company and Facebook Marketing Partner. Her passion for marketing stems from her belief that connected markets are as a result of authentic engagement, data insight and innovation. She draws on a range of fields, models, and methodologies in her work, including Systems Theory, Human Behaviour Theory, Consumer Dynamics, and Digital Marketing that supports profitability, growth, and sustainability.



Case Study: Driving Marketing Innovation through Collaboration
How large companies can benefit by partnering with startups

Trevor Wolfe - CEO: and Nancy Lockett – Head of Marketing, Events and Sponsorships FNB Business

With 88% of startup investment originating from Marketing budgets, there is evidence of a strong symbiotic relationship between the two. This presentation will deal with collaboration practices and look at a local case study between FNB and on the role that advertising research plays in the creative process.

Nancy Lockett is the Head of Marketing, Events and Sponsorships at FNB Business, studied at the University of Cape Town where completed her undergraduate in Bcom Accounting followed by a post-graduate in Marketing & Advertising and Accounting and Honours in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management.

Trevor is CEO and co-founder of He started his career in New York where he held product innovation and marketing positions for Kantar and TNS and has also lead marketing for New York brands Gerson Lehrman Group, Moveline, and Morgan Stanley. Throughout his career, Trevor has launched over a dozen analytics and research products and is an active advisor to and investor in market research, ad-tech and media tech startups.


Cape Town & Jo'burg
Durban (1 Day)
Tickets: R4,750 pp
LESS 20%
when booked & paid by 15 Sept
= R3,800 pp

for the 2 full days
including: refreshments, lunch,
parking & VAT
Tickets: R2,750 pp
LESS 20%
when booked & paid by 15 Sept
= R2,200 pp

for the full day conference
including: refreshments, lunch,
parking & VAT



Please note: We reserve the right to make changes to the agenda and programme without prior notice.
Registered delegates will receive programme updates closer to the Indaba dates:


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